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Persuasion School is the world's only persuasion & influence continued education school for business professionals. We focus on the study and application of persuasion psychology in business to win big in our markets & build stronger relationships with our networks.


Persuasion School is also an exclusive and by-invitation-only community of business leaders & owners. This is an elite group, and we’ve earned our members’ trust by maintaining a group exclusively of remarkable business leaders. If you qualify, you become part of a network of successful executives and entrepreneurs, who are incredibly diverse in their businesses, backgrounds, specializations, perspectives and connections.


What makes Persuasion School unique is who we keep out. Most of our “magic” lies in the curation of our members. Our focus has always been on quality, as opposed to being big or for everyone. This is why we carefully vet potential members and only extend an invitation to those who share our mindset and passion for the arts of persuasion and influence. All of our members have successful businesses or careers, which give them the luxury to focus on how they can contribute to the success of their fellow members.

“The strategies & techniques that Adam has taught me have dramatically improved my persuasion & Influence skills."

Partners Business Manager

Erickson International


If you want to learn how to use powerful persuasion skills to rapidly advance your career or simply sell more of your products & services, Persuasion School is for you​. Our ideal members are usually:

    Business Leaders & Managers 

    Knowing how people tick, and what makes them tick, is a core practice of highly successful business leaders. They advance their careers by consistently getting tangible wins and great results out of those who they work with & lead. When you master the art of influencing others to cooperate with you and agree to your plans, dreams and goals, your career's growth is limitless.


    We teach you how to persuade others to do just that ... consistently.


    It's an unfair advantage!

    Sales Executives & Leaders

    Sales is the art of persuading others to buy from you. How are you doing that today?


    Do you know what makes people go from being total skeptics of your offer to complete fans of your products or services?


    What are the driving forces inside people, or groups of people in the case of enterprise selling, that make them make a decision to buy?


    Persuasion School is for those who want to learn the psychology of persuasion and influence that get people to say: "Yes, let's go ahead with this transaction".

    Consultants & Advisors

    Your job is not easy and it won't get any easier because we live in an increasingly competitive world. It's one thing to work for a salaried job, it's a whole other thing to be an independent advisor or consultant who has to make enough deals to keep the lights on.


    Persuading people to work with you and pay for your services is at the heart of consultancy and advisory work.


    Persuasion School teaches you the necessary skills you need to influence people's decision and tip the scale in your favor instead of the competition.

    Adam is one of the very few individuals who are able to move an entire audience and get their conviction of his ideas with ease.

    Tambi Baik, District Sales Manager, NetApp



    Persuasion School has three levels of training programs - The Masters Course, The Platinum Club & The Inner Circle. When you first join, you will automatically be enrolled in the Masters Course.


    The Professionals Course is a 52-modules program that teaches you the foundational skills necessary to transform yourself into a hypnotically persuasive person. This program's goal is to upgrade your current level of persuasiveness and influenceability by teaching you practical and cutting-edge persuasion strategies and tactics that work in today's markets and society. 


    Lessons are released in weekly modules and consist of easy-to-follow videos, and practice sessions. All of the training is online, contained in the private Persuasion School members' only site. Members can view the training videos, connect with others, and compare notes.


    Persuasion School also includes interactive components like “1-on-1 with Adam Verity” coaching sessions where Adam answers your questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that you take consistent action and receive the highest value from your investment.


    Feel free to join our waitlist to learn more about how the Professionals Course can benefit you. We will also send you weekly persuasion strategies and tactics that help you up your game and win in today's competitive world.


    Meet Adam Verity


    Adam is the Founder of Persuasion School, creator of all our training programs & head trainer.


    Adam spent 20 years studying various persuasion disciplines and devising powerful persuasion strategies & tactics that are practical and applicable in today's business world.


    Adam's journey to persuasion mastery started from very humble beginnings and two decades of struggle with his persuasion & social influence skills.


    Click the button below to meet Adam and hear him tell the story behind Persuasion School & his personal journey. 

    "Having worked with Adam for the past few months, I have been tremendously impressed how he has been able to coach me and improve my persuasion skills. His passion for his work can be easily seen through the effort he puts forth with his clients and the results speak for themselves​"

    Hamid Pourkasraei, Real Estate Professional, RE/MAX Masters


    Invitations to enroll in The Masters Course (entry level) are sent to eligible members yearly on March & September. Make sure to add yourself to the waiting list to receive an invitation to the next class which starts in: 



    All Persuasion School's programs are subscription-based. The investment for The Masters Course (entry level) for 2019 is $997/year. We also provide a monthly subscription plan.

    YOU, YES YOU,,



    When you invest in your education through Persuasion School, you are also making a difference in the life's of those who are less fortunate. We donate 10% of your membership fee to Pencils of Promise, Charity:Water or Care.  We believe in the work of those organizations.


    Let us know which charity you want us to donate to on your behalf when you sign up.

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